Natural Resources Training Program

Content, Conversations, and Discoverability - Quality Outreach and the Internet for Natural Resource Professionals

June 18-19, 2014

Texas A&M University
Agriculture & Life Science Bldg., Room 113
600 John Kimbrough Blvd., College Station (map)

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The Web is now 25 years old from the first design by Tim Berners-Lee to what we know today in 2014. Things have changed dramatically in design, writing standards and search ability.  In addition, smart devices have outsold desktops significantly in the last 5 years. What does that mean to those in outreach and education? It means we have to continue to grow our expertise in learning how to connect the consumer to the important information we provide. We need to understand how content is found, how conversations and learning networks start, how to be discovered and what constitutes quality outreach. We have to know where to post, when to post and what to build on our websites. We have to learn how to reach our traditional clients as well as new clients. There are many successful models that can be used and applied in natural resource outreach and education that can help us down the road of discoverability.

Register for any one day, or both days! Bring your own device.

Wednesday only —$40 registration fee
Thursday only — $50 registration fee
Wednesday-Thursday Combination — $80 registration fee.

June 18th: 1 PM-4 PM

Facebook and Twitter This half-day is designed to help you get onboard with these two popular social networks. Designed to help beginners who need help learning best practices, and for those who use these tools but would like to get more out of them. We will cover getting accounts, designing strategies, learning best practices, analyzing outreach and planning schedules.

June 19th: 8:30 AM-3:30 PM

Writing Discoverable Content, Twitter PLUS, Instagram Learn how to make what you do on the web more discoverable. This day will go over tips and tricks for your websites, your blogs, Facebook , Twitter and about anywhere you post. Learn what makes content more searchable, sharable and liked. 

Twitter PLUS - Thought you knew everything about Twitter?  There’s more. Learn how to use Twitter to listen better, to find and discover more information, and how to curate Twitter to create better program outreach Instagram - Learn how this popular tool can be used for outreach

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